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Mechromancer Matte Paper Poster

Mechromancer Matte Paper Poster

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Comic book style art print featuring a colossal mechanical robot with dark, necrotic themes. Pink decorative typography and graphics. "In the bleak wastelands of a derelict, post-apocalyptic world, a shadowy figure known only as the Mechromancer reigns supreme. Feared by all who dare to cross his path, he is a necromancer of unparalleled power, twisting the very fabric of life and death to his malevolent will. With the souls of his victims as his fuel, he constructs towering mechanical minions, monstrous creations that serve as his enforcers in this desolate realm of despair. As whispers of his dark deeds echo through the barren landscapes, one thing becomes clear: to defy the Mechromancer is to court death itself." 

Poster printed on 170gsm, uncoated classic matte paper. The perfect option to stand the test of time.


  • Sold in one size 40x40cm.
  • The 170 gsm/ 65 lb paper weight provides a sturdy base, while the smooth white finish accentuates the colors and details.
  • FSC-certified paper or equivalent certifications depending on regional availability. It’s better for the people and the planet.
  • Each poster is shipped in robust packaging, ensuring it arrives safe and secure.
  • Paper sizes may vary slightly by region.
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